The Look-Out Cave on Chapman’s Peak Drive was one of those incredibly beautiful places that has just been there all along waiting to be discovered. Like the sudden realisation that one of your guy friends of years and years is actually very handsome. But like any good location, it took some time to find, including asking a few of my friends, googling directions and two separate recon missions. Surprisingly not many of my Cape Town local friends had been there.

Watching the sun drop slowly down over the ocean from the cave with sweeping views across Chapman’s Peak Drive and back around towards the Sentinel in Hout Bay was a definite highlight and a fitting end to another of my Cape Town to-do lists. The goal of my lists is to encourage exploration and adventures in my own home town of Cape Town and I have ticked off two of these lists with twenty new adventures this year.

Fortunately, we were at the Look-Out Cave quite a bit before sunset so we had the cave to ourselves for 40 minutes before it soon filled up with well-prepared locals and tourists with wine, snacks and cigarettes ready to watch the sunset. And i was able to rediscover the joy of living in this beautiful city that I call home.


  1. I have already had a lot of questions about how to find the Look-Out Cave and I share the information with some hesitation for two reasons. Firstly, I’m nervous it’s going to become another Wally’s Cave where Instagram hungry crowds added to the erosion of the paths and ensured there is no more access to the spot. Secondly, there are signs clearly stating that you should not climb over the railings which is the only way to access the cave and therefore you do so at your own risk. But I also realise that there are already so many photos and blog posts out there (I mean that’s how I found out about it) that there is no point in keeping this particular spot a secret. The secret is already out. The Look-Out Cave is at the main view point at the top of Chapman’s Peak Drive and the only view point that has green railings. Slip over the railings and go down the rocks and then head to the left to get to the cave.
  2. Please also be careful if you do venture there to be responsible for your own safety and do not disturb this spot in anyway. There is sadly a significant amount of graffiti in the cave.
  3. There is a one-way toll gate fee to go to the viewing point on Chapman’s Peak Drive and then you can either do a round trip that includes Ou Kaapse Weg or pay the same fee to go back. A possible work around to this fee would be to ask for a day pass for the hiking spot and then walk a bit further up the road to the view point but I haven’t tried this particular idea just yet.
  4. Wear flat shoes or proper sneakers to climb up and down the rocks but my friend got away with flip flops.
  5. Bring drinks and snacks for a picnic with friends but please take it all home with you afterwards.
  6. To avoid the crowds go on a weekday well before sunset otherwise be prepared to share the Look-Out Cave with many others.

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