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As a life and business coach I work with my clients to bring out their own vision for their lives. I use a combination of my studies and life experience as a strong foundation for my coaching. As a coach, I believe I can serve you best by holding space, asking the right questions, and supporting you to discover and explore your own answers along the way. I will provide you exercises, resources, and tools to help you dive deep and uncover your own answers and clarity moving forward.

The key coaching areas that I focus on are:

  • Wellness
  • Purpose
  • Goal-setting
  • Career
  • Business

But what I have found through my coaching is that the areas that you think you need focus on are not necessarily the areas that come to light. I’m equipped to deal with a multitude of topics or if deemed necessary refer you on to suitably qualified professionals.



A purposeful, inspired, extraordinary, impactful, fulfilling, balanced and sustainable life.

Together we will try to cut through all of the noise and focus on what your core values are and your vision for your future. We will explore all of your fears, self-doubt, and limiting self-beliefs. We will do the work to empower you to build the work and life that you truly want. Throughout our time together I will support you to take intentional action in your life and/or work, move past the mindsets and fears that may be holding you back, and to cultivate and build a purposeful, fulfilling, balanced and sustainable life.


  1. Through my Do You Dare [workshops]. Writing focused workshops geared towards self-expression, creativity and self-development.
  2. Through 1:1 coaching which allows us maximum focus on you.

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Kerry Kopke

Mermaid at heart

Hi, I am Kerry. Welcome to my website and blog. I am a Cape Town based entrepreneur, life and business coach and writer who loves travel and outdoor adventure. I’m still working on becoming a full-time mermaid but I must almost be one because I spend so much time swimming in the sea. Through story-telling on my blog I hope to inspire everyday adventures and connect with those who would like to work with me.

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