Before we started our sessions, I had a horrible sense of failure, total under accomplishment and in a rut. I was under the impression that I was old, and that life in general was over. Kerry is such an inspirational lady.

Ruth Kohlberg

Cape Town, South Africa

I felt totally comfortable chatting to her about all “the good, the bad and the ugly” of my life and never once did I feel uncomfortable or judged. In fact, I have come away from these sessions feeling encouraged, realizing that I can accomplish anything I really want to, and I’m not old! One area of my life that made me sad was my lack of contact with certain family members which she helped me to sort this out. She has also helped me realize that it’s possible to study and learn anything new that I want to.

I would totally recommend Kerry to anyone needing life coaching. What an amazing time I spent chatting to her. Thanks Kerry!

My coaching sessions with Kerry were an extremely positive experience.

I needed to focus on my health and wellbeing and she helped me to make some important changes in my life. She kept me accountable and always made me see things from a slightly different angle that I wouldn’t have necessarily seen. I learnt invaluable lessons on the way that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Tamsin Philipps

Johannesburg, South Africa

Kerry helped me discover my inner cheerleader that I needed to be for myself.

This was my first experience with a life coach. I have been in traditional therapy before and this is very different. I really loved it.


I very much liked that it was a two-way discussion and a not one-way conversation only. I loved the fact that there was ‘homework’ to do between sessions. The coaching helped me to self-reflect and allowed me to discover new emotions, experiences and consider future goals. At the beginning, I as worried that it would not consider the past at all but luckily this was not the case.


The past is very much important in the sessions but Kerry always gives a huge space to the future as well, she always has a lot of positive insights. I would definitely recommend her.

Paola Dal Basco

Lusaka, Zambia


When I met Kerry for our first session, I was apprehensive and lacked commitment to my ideas. I saw our opportunity to work together as a chance to see if I could test myself.

Kerry Vongeusau

Cape Town, South Africa

Throughout our series of sessions, I could feel Kerry guiding me through my perceptions, and misperceptions, with helpful real-world advice from her own experiences that helped me both open my mind and incorporate into conceptualising and building my new business.

In just four sessions, Kerry managed to show me that I can apply myself in many ways and with her support I was able to conclude our sessions with much more confidence than when we began, as well as a budget, business plan, timeline and practical legal advice in place.

I approached Kerry to ask her for coaching assistance because I was needing support and advice relating to a new business initiative of mine – a service offering creative process workshops for transformation and growth for professional development and personal growth. Kerry was very professional from the start, she was always punctual but also flexible when I needed to change dates.

She was also willing to assist me spontaneously when I urgently needed her valuable advice relating to a proposal that I had to submit.


Kerry was very open in sharing her vast knowledge of the corporate world and happy to explain things patiently in a way that I could understand, having not worked with large corporations before. I came away feeling much more confident, knowledgeable, and more prepared to launch my business successfully. Kerry also volunteered many insightful and useful tips and ideas to add to my website and business as a whole, opening up new doors of opportunity that I hadn’t thought of before. Thank you Kerry!

Ashleigh Temple-Camp

Hermanus, South Africa

Kerry is multi-talented and has much knowledge in many fields. She is intelligent, logical and creative with a lot of life experience and a willingness to share and assist. I can highly recommend Kerry for life or business coaching and will definitely approach her again should the need arise.

Kerry Kopke

Mermaid at heart

Hi, I am Kerry. Welcome to my website and blog. I am a Cape Town based entrepreneur, life and business coach and writer who loves travel and outdoor adventure. I’m still working on becoming a full-time mermaid but I must almost be one because I spend so much time swimming in the sea. Through story-telling on my blog I hope to inspire everyday adventures and connect with those who would like to work with me.

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