The Whale Tale

I sat in the shade of one of the granite rocks at Clifton 4th beach waiting for my swimming buddy, Garth, to meet me for our casual afternoon swim. The sun was slowly cooling down on another hot Cape Town summer day and I was anxious to get into the water. We briefly...

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Bosom Buddies Fundraising Swim

On Saturday, 21 January 2017, two Cape Town open water swimmers, Kerry Kopke and Louisa Joubert, organised a group of about 30 ladies to swim 1km topless in the sea in the unofficial "Bosom Buddies" swim. The "Bosom Buddies" swim was organised to raise funds for...

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Gritty Women

Last weekend I participated in a photo shoot in my swim bikini for some stock photos under the theme of “gritty women of sport”. The production company approached our open water swimming group and I thought it sounded like a fun and easy way to make some extra money....

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Kerry Kopke

Mermaid at heart

Hi, I am Kerry. Welcome to my website and blog. I am a Cape Town based entrepreneur, life and business coach and writer who loves travel and outdoor adventure. I’m still working on becoming a full-time mermaid but I must almost be one because I spend so much time swimming in the sea. Through story-telling on my blog I hope to inspire everyday adventures and connect with those who would like to work with me.

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