Recently I met Prisca Kloot, a remarkable 22-year old handbag designer and entrepreneur, from Coupe & Couture in Woodstock. Prisca discovered her handbag passion early in life and after watching YouTube videos (the way everyone seems to learn these days) and two-years at design college launched her own handbag company. What I like about Prisca is her passion for her business and dedication as an entrepreneur. She has big dreams to expand her business into a global empire and provide employment for local people.

Prisca sources the material for her bags locally taking inspiration from what she sees in the material shops in Woodstock and the African prints at craft markets. The best thing about her bags is that they can be customised for each individual customer. I could choose my own wording for my bespoke tote bag so I decided to go with the simple word “Mermaid” because it’s time to make my mermaid status more official.

The white stitched “Mermaid” wording with hearts and a shell came out beautifully on the blue material.  My normal handbag is often too small and so I appreciated the size of the tote bag especially for random things that I sometimes have to carry around in my handbag like a book or a GoPro. I found the open-end zip on the bag a bit tricky but was advised that even the zips can be customised. Love it.

Check out Coupe & Couture and use discount code KKCC5 for a 5% discount on any bag. I am sure Prisca will have something you will love.

*Thank you to Coupe & Couture for sponsoring my tote bag. As with all posts of this nature, the thoughts and opinions are my own, the feedback is genuine and may differ from yours.

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